Update on Surgical Management of Crohn’s disease
Edward Lee
时长:23:21 分会场:2019中国肠道大会 - 整合肠病学大会
Crohn’s disease is one of the more difficult and complex diseases that we encounter as a colon and rectal surgeon as there is no cure and often times patients come back to surgery for their recurrence. Initially, Crohn’s disease, along with ulcerative colitis had a rapid growth in the western, industrialized countries but now the incidence is rising rapidly in the rest of the world. It has now become a global health issue. With the use of biologics, many Crohn’s patients have had longer remission. However, despite the advances in medical treatment, majority of Crohn’s patients will undergo surgery. Furthermore, many of these patients requiring surgery have become more complex with worsening co-morbid conditions. However, the advancement of minimal invasive surgery along with enhanced recovery after surgery programs have improved patient outcome.
Edward Lee