• 青春期是一个变革性成长期,营养不良和肥胖都会影响多种生理系统的成熟;
  • 青春期营养不良的影响是加倍性的,任何一个生理系统受到影响,其他系统的发育也会受到影响;
  • 儿童期和青春期早期的营养影响青春期发动时相和形式,影响线性生长、身体组成和其他生理系统成熟;
  • 儿童后期和青春期早期提供了一个营养敏感窗口,改善营养可出现一些身高追赶性生长,并促进健康成长、降低日后肥胖的风险;
  • 需加强营养对青春期成长和发展影响的研究。
Lancet [IF:202.731]

Nutrition in adolescent growth and development



2021-11-29, Review

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During adolescence, growth and development are transformative and have profound consequences on an individual's health in later life, as well as the health of any potential children. The current generation of adolescents is growing up at a time of unprecedented change in food environments, whereby nutritional problems of micronutrient deficiency and food insecurity persist, and overweight and obesity are burgeoning. In a context of pervasive policy neglect, research on nutrition during adolescence specifically has been underinvested, compared with such research in other age groups, which has inhibited the development of adolescent-responsive nutritional policies. One consequence has been the absence of an integrated perspective on adolescent growth and development, and the role that nutrition plays. Through late childhood and early adolescence, nutrition has a formative role in the timing and pattern of puberty, with consequences for adult height, muscle, and fat mass accrual, as well as risk of non-communicable diseases in later life. Nutritional effects in adolescent development extend beyond musculoskeletal growth, to cardiorespiratory fitness, neurodevelopment, and immunity. High rates of early adolescent pregnancy in many countries continue to jeopardise the growth and nutrition of female adolescents, with consequences that extend to the next generation. Adolescence is a nutrition-sensitive phase for growth, in which the benefits of good nutrition extend to many other physiological systems.

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Shane A Norris,Edward A Frongillo

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Shane A Norris

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Shane A Norris,Edward A Frongillo,Maureen M Black,Yanhui Dong,Caroline Fall,Michelle Lampl,Angela D Liese,Mariam Naguib,Ann Prentice,Tamsen Rochat,Charles B Stephensen,Chiwoneso B Tinago,Kate A Ward,Stephanie V Wrottesley,George C Patton