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  • 目前,针对青少年营养问题既无既定目标,也无标准化数据收集系统以指导行动,迄今为止的干预研究主要集中在单一微量营养素上;
  • 迫切需要加强政府财政和政策行动,以限制深加工食品的供应,并促进健康和多样化的青少年饮食;
  • 学校可提供健康的食物环境和危机时期的营养敏感性社会保护,以及采取和维持健康饮食的技能、知识和动力;
  • 青少年营养倡导应与年轻人合作开展,并在更广泛的商业、文化和生态背景下进行。
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Strategies and interventions for healthy adolescent growth, nutrition, and development



2021-11-29, Review

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Adolescence is a pivotal point in the life course, characterised by transformative physical, cognitive, and emotional growth, an openness to change, and a drive to reshape the social environment. It offers unique opportunities to adopt changes in diet and physical activity that can persist into later life. Yet pre-existing nutritional problems, including micronutrient deficiencies, food insecurity, and poor-quality diets, persist at the same time as adolescents face the rapid emergence of an obesity epidemic. Adolescent growth and nutrition has been largely overlooked in intervention and policy research. Most intervention studies have emphasised micronutrient supplementation, with few taking into account the multiple drivers of adolescent diets. This Series paper highlights that effective interventions and policies will need to cut across sectors; be supported by multifaceted and multilevel policy; and extend across education, health, food systems, social protection, and digital media. Better data standardisation and systems will be essential in coordinating and monitoring these responses. In a context of shifts in planetary ecosystems and commercial drivers, resilient food systems will need to both ensure access to healthy and affordable foods and provide the infrastructure and incentives for continuing physical activity. Intergenerational partnerships with young people will be essential in bringing about transformative change and ensuring that food policies reflect their needs and aspirations.

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Dougal Hargreaves,Emily Mates,Purnima Menon

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Dougal Hargreaves

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Dougal Hargreaves,Emily Mates,Purnima Menon,Harold Alderman,Delan Devakumar,Wafai Fawzi,Geva Greenfield,Weeam Hammoudeh,Shanshan He,Anwesha Lahiri,Zheng Liu,Phuong Hong Nguyen,Vani Sethi,Haijun Wang,Lynnette M Neufeld,George C Patton