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  • 青少年需成为塑造当地和全球的支持健康饮食模式行动的积极参与者;
  • 需对社交媒体广告进行监管,并对名人施加压力,以扭转目前宣传和推广高能量低营养食品的趋势;
  • 自主性、能动性、对独特性和归属感的强烈渴望,创造了目前促进不健康饮食的环境;
  • 生活在贫困和食物不足中的青少年积极参与粮食生产、准备和创收,需关注他们的健康福祉;
  • 营养丰富的食物难以获得,高能量低营养食物却容易获得、价格低廉且具有社会吸引力,迫切需要了解如何使营养食品更受欢迎。
Lancet [IF:202.731]

Food choice in transition: adolescent autonomy, agency, and the food environment



2021-11-29, Review

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Dietary intake during adolescence sets the foundation for a healthy life, but adolescents are diverse in their dietary patterns and in factors that influence food choice. More evidence to understand the key diet-related issues and the meaning and context of food choices for adolescents is needed to increase the potential for impactful actions. The aim of this second Series paper is to elevate the importance given to adolescent dietary intake and food choice, bringing a developmental perspective to inform policy and programmatic actions to improve diets. We describe patterns of dietary intake, then draw on existing literature to map how food choice can be influenced by unique features of adolescent development. Pooled qualitative data is then combined with evidence from the literature to explore ways in which adolescent development can interact with sociocultural context and the food environment to influence food choice. Irrespective of context, adolescents have a lot to say about why they eat what they eat, and insights into factors that might motivate them to change. Adolescents must be active partners in shaping local and global actions that support healthy eating patterns. Efforts to improve food environments and ultimately adolescent food choice should harness widely shared adolescent values beyond nutrition or health.

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Lynnette M Neufeld

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Lynnette M Neufeld

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Lynnette M Neufeld,Prof Eduardo B Andrade,Ahna Ballonoff Suleiman,Prof Mary Barker,Ty Beal,Lauren S Blum,Kathrin M Demmler,Surabhi Dogra,Polly Hardy-Johnson,Anwesha Lahiri,Nicole Larson,Christina A Roberto,Sonia Rodríguez-Ramírez,Vani Sethi,Teresa Shamah-Levy,Sofia Strömmer,Alison Tumilowicz,Susie Weller,Zhiyong Zou